Tennessee’s Five Winters Aren’t Just Old Wives’ Tales

Winter is Coming!

Actually, THREE more winters may be coming to Tennessee:

Locust Winter in early-May, Blackberry Winter in mid-May, and Britches Winter in late-May. After that one, you can finally put away your “homespun linen wool long underwear.”  By this time of the year, we’ve usually made it through two other Springtime winters: Redbud Winter in early-April and Dogwood Winter in late-April. With the exception of the fifth one, these winters are named for the tree or bush most commonly in bloom at that time.

Brace Yourselves, Winter is Coming meme

Shout out to all you Game of Thrones fans! 😉

Every year, we have these little winters, cold snaps that last only a day or two if we’re lucky. If not so lucky, they can last longer and bring some frost or even snow with them.

Either way, most folks are ready to see the cold weather behind us and warmer temps here to stay. Of course, by the time our Tennessee Summer is in full swing, a brief cold snap won’t sound so bad. Overall, though, most Tennesseans will tell you that they love our four seasons (even with all those little winters) and the generally mild climate we have here compared to other parts of the country.