Creating Traditions in Your New Home

For many of you that have settled into a new home or started a family this year, you may be looking to start some new traditions with your family. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’ve compiled a few ideas to inspire:

  1. Host a food pantry drive and ask everyone to bring a non-perishable food item.
  2. Ease into the day and spend a little quiet time with yourself before the family arrives.
  3. Set up a puzzle or board game station to keep the children busy while the adults are preparing the meal.
  4. Create a signature Thanksgiving drink (and non-alcoholic version so the kids can be included), such as hot apple cider and rum punch.
  5. Have everyone write the things they’re grateful for on a butcher paper tablecloth or on a large pumpkin that’s been painted white, or have them hang a note of gratitude on a “thankful tree.”
  6. Take a moment to remember your loved ones who have passed.
  7. Have the kids serve dessert.
  8. Take a family walk after dinner.



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