Systemic Racism and Real Estate

Fighting housing discrimination

In the midst of protests calling for racial equality and an end to police brutality, Realtors are one of many groups being called on to help fix structural racism.

There is a very shameful history of housing discrimination in America, and while some legislation such as the Fair Housing Act of 1968 and the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 has been enacted to eliminate discriminatory practices including blockbustingsteering, and redlining, housing discrimination still persists today. Studies show there is still widespread unequal treatment of minority home buyers and sellers.

We know that homeownership is one of the top contributors to net worth, and there are many emotional and health benefits of homeownership as well. Realtors must be agents of social change to ensure that everyone has fair access to housing.

When President Johnson signed the Fair Housing Act into law in 1968, he said, “We have come some of the way, not near all of it. There is much yet to do.” These words still ring true as we listen and learn how to be part of the long-term solution.