Local Business Spotlight: UnBoxed Lebanon

cardboard box package delivery on porch

This month’s local business spotlight is as much for the avid Amazon shopper as it is for our recent homebuyers.

When was the last time you had a stack of cardboard boxes sit in your garage for much longer than intended because you didn’t have time to take them to the recycling center? Everyone’s got more cardboard boxes than they know what to do with, and Ashton Gilbert’s new business is solving that problem for folks in Lebanon, Tennessee.

UnBoxed: Cardboard Disposal Services

UnBoxed offers twice a month pick-ups of unwanted cardboard in Lebanon, TN. You can choose to have Ashton break down your boxes or have them ready for grab-and-go. According to his Facebook page, service charges are as follows, per month:

  • Grab and Go (boxes broken down by you): $25/month (includes 2 pick-ups per month)
  • Break Down and Go (Ashton will break down boxes for you, but boxes need to be free of trash): $35/month (includes 2 pick-ups per month)
If you recently moved to a new home in Lebanon, UnBoxed also offers pick-up services when you’re finished unpacking those boxes. Ashton offered this service to one of our recent buyers who were very pleased with his service. Another review on his Facebook page says, “5 stars! Showed up on time, worked quickly and saved me a huge hassle!” Contact UnBoxed for more information about their moving box removal.

Small Business with a Big Future

Last week alone, Ashton picked up 350 pounds of unwanted cardboard from local homes and small businesses and delivered it to the recycling center. What prompted this brilliant business idea? Well, Ashton’s mom runs a small home décor and gift business out of her home and was overrun with cardboard boxes. Ashton is a young adult on the Autism spectrum who is working to become more independent. What began as a short-term solution for Ashton and his family has turned into a growing business with multiple monthly customers and was even featured on the front page of the newspaper!

UnBoxed Lebanon, Tennessee cardboard box removal service