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Relocating? Why Nashville Is The Hometown Of Choice

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Nashville is being called the “It City” and that, depending upon the source, 60-80 people a day are relocating to Music City.  It’s really no wonder that people are drawn here, due to our relatively low cost of living, high quality of life, and central location in the Southeast.  Nashville has grown enough that, like larger metropolitan areas around the country, it has much to offer in the way of jobs, affordable residential…


Updating America’s Traditional Home: The Mid-Century Ranch

You don’t have to drive far around Nashville to find neighborhoods full of mid-century ranch houses. Areas such as Madison, Donelson, Crieve Hall and Green Hills are teeming with ranch homes. Most commonly, this house style has one level, with living areas on one end of the house and bedrooms on the other. With a relatively small footprint, the size generally runs between 1,000 and 2,000 square feet. Many have three bedrooms and one to two baths. Following World War…


Honored to help this veteran and newlywed couple!

 Congratulations to these newlyweds on getting the keys to their dream home this morning! It was a blast getting to know them during their home search, and now calling them friends! Jay has given 20 years of his life in service to our country, and it has been an honor and my pleasure to be able to serve them. I hope they enjoy their home for years to come. Congrats, Jay & Tara! I appreciate their very kind words…“From our…