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Choosing the best home loan program

Finding the Best Loan Program for Your Specific Needs

A Lid for Every Pot! Guest Post by Tim Britt Last month I talked about Affordable mortgage programs.  In an earlier article, I mused that there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” mortgage program…and began a dialogue about three categories of mortgages:  Affordable, Specialty, and Traditional.  This month – we’ll tackle the Traditional Mortgage Programs and discuss their features and benefits, as well as the typical clientele for them. Traditional Mortgages are loan programs that typically appeal to borrowers with established credit, with…

Credit Scores Explained for Nashville Home Buyers, Real Estate, Mortgage, Home Loans

The Mystery of the Credit Score… Part 2!

The Mystery of the Credit Score… Part 2! Guest Post by Tim Britt Last month, we began the conversation about Credit by discussing the Mystery of the Credit Score.  As I mentioned, the numerical score is only half of the story!  This month, we’ll talk about, as Paul Harvey would say “…the rest of the story!” In addition to the score, a borrower’s Credit History can also be a determining factor in qualifying for a particular home loan program, or…