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Different types of home loan programs, Nashville Real Estate

Does the Loan Fit?

Does the Loan Fit?  Guest Post by Tim Britt You’ve heard the old adage “…if the shoe fits, wear it!” As we kick off 2019 and a new season of home buying and selling, I thought I’d borrow this cliché and apply it to the Mortgage Lending Process.  Just like with shoes, there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” home loan program.  It’s vitally important that homebuyers seek sound advice from a reputable, licensed Loan Officer and understand all of your options for…

The Mystery of the Credit Score!

We can’t thank Tim Britt enough for his regular guest posts on our blog and for regularly educating our clients about their mortgage questions! We don’t exchange any compensation with Tim when our clients obtain a mortgage from him, but we do share his passion for educating and serving our clients through every step of the real estate transaction! If you enjoy this post or want to learn more about Nashville housing and mortgage news, subscribe to our monthly newsletter here…